Our Mission

The IMC's mission is "To represent and promote the management consulting profession, maintain standards and develop members."

In October 2003, the IMC Federal Council confirmed that the IMC exists to further the interests of management consultants and clarified the definition of management consultants as: "Objective professionals who provide advice and assistance in the process of management across national boundaries."

Their advice and assistance relates to the strategy, structure, management and operations of organisations in their pursuit of long-term purposes and objectives.

In accordance with the Institute's Memorandum of Association, the Council further determined that IMC should support management consultants by:

  • Providing Advocacy;
  • Maintaining Professional Standards;
  • Promoting the image of the IMC and the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) brand;
  • Supplying attractive fee for service Member Services; and
  • Identifying Business Development opportunities.

At this same meeting, the Council also agreed upon the following set of new Guiding Principles for the future:

  • IMC will be open to all interested parties at an appropriate membership level;
  • IMC will attract accredited practices and other organisations to membership;
  • IMC revenue will be derived largely from fee for service rather than simply membership fees;
  • IMC will strive to enhance the status of CMCs and practising consultants;
  • CMC will be seen as the premier qualification for consultants in Australia;
  • IMC will be committed to supporting members in maintaining their levels of professional competency;
  • Professional Development product will be relevant and nationally accessible;
  • Member services will attract membership to the IMC and provide income to the IMC;
  • IMC will adopt relevant contemporary technology;
  • IMC will maintain the principles of good corporate governance and open and effective communication with our stakeholders;
  • The IMC will fulfil the role of advocate for the profession;
  • IMC will promote the IMC and CMC to ensure they are widely recognised and understood; and
  • IMC will facilitate business development opportunities for members.