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Queensland Consultants Endorse The New International Standard For Management Consulting

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A briefing held for Queensland consultants on 25 February provided 15 consultants (members and non-members) with an update on the European Standard for Management Consultancy Services.

Launched in Europe in 2011, the standard is being examined by Institutes of Management Consultants worldwide for use as a guideline for the effective delivery of consulting services. The standards will be a guideline rather than a certification. This means that it is accessible to all and can be promoted to users of consulting services.

Available from the British Standards Institution (BSI) (, the standard provides a general framework for consulting services covering:

  • Regulatory framework
  • Communication
  • Ethics
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Capability
  • Quality
  • Guarantees
  • Health and safety

The standard (EN16114) describes the stages of the consulting task – proposal, agreement and planning, implementing the work plan, execution , evaluation and improvement, contract administration and communication. It outlines an effective approach to these tasks and includes helpful checklists. The standard is very well aligned with the CMC core competencies of IMC and fits well with the Body of Knowledge for management consultants.

The standard was develop by:

  • ICMCI – the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes.
  • CEN – the European Committee for Standardisation (similar role to Australian Standards).
  • FEACO – the European Federation of  Management Consultancies Associations.

Consultants attending the briefing session in Queensland endorsed the introduction of the standard as a positive initiative. They are keen to receive updates on the use of the standard in Australia.

By Deb Archbold

Deb Archbold is a former Federal Councilor and current Secretary of the Queensland Chapter.  She operates Deborah Wilson Consulting Services, a successful Brisbane-based consulting firm which provides services throughout regional Australia.