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Perth Conference and Annual General Meeting

Public (Anyone can see)

The IMC Australia Annual Conference will be held at the Joondalup Resort, Perth on Friday 14th November 2014. The theme this year is “Resilience” – a term that refers to the need for all businesses to be able to operate successfully in a crazy, complicated and unstable organisational environment where chaotic change can be the norm.

Dino Valentini and Peter Westlund of the WA Chapter have assembled a who’s who of speakers with both practical and academic prowess to ensure that this will be a world class conference.

N.B. See the website and frequent emails for further information on how to join the conference. In particular, keep an eye out for those “early-bird” special offers.

The IMC Australia AGM will be held on 13th November, together with a Federal Council Meeting, immediately prior to the Conference in Perth.

Academic Fellow Award

In recognition for his outstanding work in establishing post-graduate courses in Management Consulting at Griffith University Business School, Dr Alan Blackman will receive the initial Academic Fellow Award by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes at its Conference and Trustees Meeting to be held in Seoul, South Korea from 22 – 26 September.

Alan is a long serving CMC who has worked closely with members of the Queensland Chapter to ensure that his courses are relevant for the real world. One of the texts of the elite MBA elective on Management Consulting is the IMC Australia publication “Management Consulting: An introduction to the Methodologies, Tools and Techniques of the Profession”.