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Board establishes Strategic Plan

Public (Anyone can see)

Your Federal Council met in Melbourne on 18 and 19 October 2018 to finalise the IMC Strategic Plan 2018-2021.

The plan aims to drive the achievement of our Vision for IMC:

“The IMC will be recognised by all as the leading organisation representing and serving its members and the management consulting profession.”

This will be delivered through our IMC Mission:

“To represent and promote IMC members and the management consulting profession, maintain standards, and develop members.”

Five key strategic pillars or objectives have been identified in the plan. These are:

  • Re-position and promote the member value proposition with a focus on strengthening the professionalism of members and their businesses
  • Strengthen engagement with members and build the IMC community
  • Strengthen member and potential member experience in interacting with IMC
  • Deliver high quality, relevant events and professional development to members and potential members
  • Build a sustainable revenue base through sponsorships and manage costs to enable re-investment in IMC


Download Strategic Plan (updated 31-Dec-19)