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The Australian Consultant - 2013 Autumn Edition

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Although our profession has had numerous success stories in recent times, many of our members report that “times are tough”.

This is said to be based on a variety of factors ranging from the aftermath of the GFC on the global economy and its ripple effect on local industries, lack of political surety with a federal election still some way off, natural disasters (fires and floods) affecting business, downturn in manufacturing (which now employs less workers in Australia than does the charity and not-for-profit sector) linked with the high Australian dollar, media reports of layoffs and business closures, and the resultant diminished level of confidence across much of the business community.

Colin Coverdale covers many of these aspects in his two excellent, informative and thought provoking articles on the state of the economy from a Consultant’s perspective.

His most recent article entitled “2013 – the year of change or more of the same? Australia’s political dilemma” offers predictions for the year ahead. In November last year he reviewed the now well reported issue of Treasury’s aspirations in relation to producing a surplus for the economy. His article “Surplus Smurplus! – Or where did all the money go!?” is well worth a belated look.

This issue also includes a contemporary approach to website publishing that will be of interest to most consultants. Dr Geoff Wells of South Australia has contributed an article on Open Book Publishing that offers insights into this emerging media, including many of the “how to” aspects of implementing an open book project.

Important news about the IMC and issues of interest to and impacting on members are also included:

  • Current initiatives and activities of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes are outlined, including an invitation for members to attend the first ever International ICMCI Conference, to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania in July 2013.
  • Major Professional Development initiatives are announced including the 2013 National Conference at the Gold Coast (October 2013) and a Professional Development Program: Enhancing Your Consulting Practice in Hobart (May 2013).
  • “Consultants in the News” highlights recent articles in national media involving our members. The IMC / Griffith University collaboration for both undergraduate courses and an elite MBA elective is outlined and may serve as a stimulus for other advance courses around Australia.
  • Finally, the President’s National IMC News includes topics of interest to consultants: Women in Consulting, Government Engagement by the Institute, Ongoing Development of the Body of Knowledge, further co-operation with CMC-Canada, planned revised Risk Module and Document Templates and a very special offer to new members.