Associate Member (AIMC)

Full Member - Associate Member (AIMC)

Associate professional membership, with the accompanying recognition and professional development benefits, is open to teriary qualified, practising consultants (Internal or External), with less than 3 years' consulting experience.  Applicants may be qualified in any base profession, including business, management, engineering, science, finance, accounting, law, medicine, health, education, etc.

Management consultants are able to benefit from the many networking and business opportunities membership will provide.

Academics and those who provide internal consulting services qualify as Associate Members until they can demonstrate at least 3 years' consulting experience to be graded as Full Members.


Full Member - Associate Membership (AIMC)
Get Benefits

IMC Membership offers a significant range of services, annual benefits and discounts which are worth considerably more that the annual cost of membership.  These include:

  • Car Rental Discounts
  • Fellowship and Networking
  • Financial Advice
  • Find a Consultant Listing
  • Flowers and Gifts Discounts
  • Global Recognition
  • Health Insurance Discounts
  • Methodology Discounts
  • National Conferences and Forums
  • Newsletters
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Professional Development
  • Qantas Club Discounts
  • Research Tools and Reports