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The Institute of Management Consultants in Australia (IMC), as a Full Member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), awards the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) mark of excellence to identify a management consultant whose competency is certified and recognised worldwide.

For the purposes of certification, a Management Consultant is defined as

“one who helps an organisation to solve issues, create value, maximise growth, and improve performance through the application of their knowledge, techniques and assets to provide objective advice, expertise and specialist skills which that organisation may be lacking”.

This page provides guidelines for candidates who wish to apply to the IMC for certification as a CMC.  It outlines the application and assessment process and procedures, and contains the relevant information that candidates require to determine their eligibility and make their application.

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The CMC Qualification

What is a CMC?

Why Become a Certified Management Consultant (CMC)?

Am I Eligible to Apply for CMC Certification?

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Assessment Interview

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The CMC Qualification

  • Awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants
  • Competency based certification based on the standard issued by ICMCI
  • Independent endorsement of competency by leading professionals
  • Recognised in over 45 countries

What is a CMC?

Certified Management Consultant (CMC) is a competency-based management consultant certification scheme open to current IMC members.
It is an internationally recognized award conferred by Management Consulting Institutes that are members of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).  IMC Australia is a member of ICMCI and has sole responsibility of awarding CMC status in Australia.

The assessment and certification process must meet strict guidelines stipulated by the ICMCI.

CMC Positioning

Management consultants who have attained the level of CMC have demonstrated that they have a high level of competence in management consulting in both breadth of their organisational competence and depth of their professional competence.

CMC Positioning

Why Become a Certified Management Consultant (CMC)?

Many professionals of differing disciplines identify themselves as management consultants.  Often profession leaders who have worked directly in an industry will make the move to set-up a practice delivering management advice to that and related industries.  A select number of these consultants decide to accredit themselves with the CMC designation.  Practitioners who carry the CMC mark set themselves apart in the marketplace, and with their clients, as professional consultants.

The CMC mark provides clients with the confidence that they have engaged a professional who will deliver the highest level of management consulting through assurance that the management consultant has:

·         Completed a rigorous certification process

·         A record of successful assignments

·         The endorsement of recognised practitioners

·         Demonstrated an ongoing commitment to management consulting as a both a profession and a career

·         A requirement for continuing professional development

·         Committed to the Code of Ethics.

Am I Eligible to Apply for CMC Certification?

CMC applicants must meet the strict certification requirements of the CMC Standard.  A management consultant must demonstrate:

·         Fulfilment of the competencies in the Institute’s Competence Framework

·         Membership of good standing and behaviour of good character

·         Relevant education qualifications in the claimed area of practice

·         Current working experience in their field of competency

·         Practise as a management consultant continuously during the last three years

·         Ability to act independently without supervision

·         Satisfactory client references

·         Adherence to the Code of Professional Conduct

·         Commitment to Continuing Professional Development

Relevant qualifications and experience to support your technical competency include:

a.  A relevant professional or academic qualification (degree level or higher); or

b.  A minimum of four years relevant experience gained in consulting in your primary area of technical specialization; or

c.  An unrelated first degree followed by an accredited development program over a minimum twelve-month period.

The CMC Standard

When applying for CMC certification, you are assessed against the CMC Standard developed and endorsed by the ICMCI.  The Standard against which you will be assessed comprises the following elements:

  •  Competence Framework – the cluster of related abilities, commitments, knowledge and skills that a management consultant should demonstrate - click here.
  •  Common Body of Knowledge – a statement of topics that covers the scope of a management consultant’s work -  click here.
  •  Code of Professional Conduct – IMC Code of Ethics - click here.


You should be familiar with the information contained in all three of these documents and check that your application in total reflects your competency and understanding in each of these areas.

The CMC Certification Process

To ensure that the assessment process is balanced and fair, a number of different techniques are employed throughout the process to assess a candidate’s competency against the Framework.  These include:

·           All requirements addressed in your application (including management consulting history, CV, project summaries, evidence of qualifications)

·           An interview, either face-to-face or by video conference

·           Candidate presentation and project documentation

·           Client reference checks

·           Assessment by a panel and review by an independent third party

CMC is a competency-based qualification which requires you to demonstrate sufficient, relevant and timely evidence of your competency as a management consultant.  The assessment process will test your competency against the CMC Standard Competence Framework.

The assessment process comprises the following steps:

1.     Completion of the Application by the candidate and submission to IMC,

2.     Assessment at interview with CMC Assessors, and

3.     Reference checks with candidate’s nominated clients.


As an applicant you are required to complete the Application Form setting out your experience as a management consultant including your personal details, qualifications and training, employment history, and areas of consulting specialisation, knowledge and expertise.

Your Application Form helps you build a comprehensive portfolio which captures your most recent and relevant experience in management consulting.  You should attach an up to date curriculum vitae (CV) or resume and certified copies of your professional qualifications.

As part of your application you will be required to submit three (3) summaries of recent management consulting projects that you have undertaken.  Each summary should follow the format described at the end of the Application Form.

You may submit project documentation in lieu of summaries if the documentation is not commercial-in-confidence and addresses each of the key points.  If you have successfully completed the Diploma of Consultancy (30936QLD) qualification, you may also submit your certificate of competency in lieu of project summaries.

Assessment Interview

The assessment interview involves a face-to-face meeting with a panel of two, the State Assessor and another State Chapter member who is a CMC.

During the interview, you will be invited to select one of the consulting projects that you have written up as part of your application and make a 15 minute presentation on the project, (or a project that you completed for the Diploma of Consultancy) This will be followed by an interview based on the Certified Management Consultant Competence Framework in which panel members will discuss with you your experience, skills, methods and knowledge and assess these against the Competence Framework Reference Statements.

You may wish to bring with you relevant copies of project-related documents to accompany your presentation.  During the interview, you will also be asked to sign that you will at all times adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct.

You should ensure that you are familiar with the three elements of the Framework:

  • the CMC Core Competencies,
  • the Consultants’ Common Body of Knowledge, and
  • the Code of Professional Conduct.

Reference Checks

After the interview and presentation, the Assessment Panel will contact two (2) of your nominated client referees to obtain their feedback concerning the project/s or work you have undertaken for those clients and your demonstrated management consulting expertise.

The Chief Assessor will contact you to advise whether you are recommended for certification within about 10 days of interview.  If the Panel feel that you are not yet ready, they will provide you with feedback to assist you in either making a re-submission or gaining further experience.

Successful applicants will usually be invited to an Institute Chapter event so that your CMC Certificate can be awarded publicly.


If you wish to appeal against a decision made by the assessors, you should write to the Chairman, CMC Certification Committee outlining your grounds of appeal. 


If you are assessed as not satisfying all the requirements for certification, you will be provided feedback on the improvements required and you will be invited to re-apply once these have been addressed. 

The CMC Certification Committee will assist you with accessing mentoring through the IMC to help you gain the experience or knowledge you may need before re-submitting your application.

How Do I Apply?

In order to apply for assessment for CMC certification, you need to:

1.     Be a current, financial member of the Institute of good standing and character at the grade of Associate or above (Affiliates are not eligible).


2.     Download and complete the CMC Application Form here


3.     Email the following documents to

a.     Completed CMC Application Form

b.     Certified copies of your professional qualifications

c.     A current CV or resume

d.     Summaries of three (3) recent management consulting projects including client reference details (no more than two A4 pages for each summary).

4.     Payment of the Application Fee ($AUS 575.00 plus GST) is require to commence your application processing.

Resource Centre

In addition to the Competence Framework, Common Body of Knowledge and Code of Ethics, the following resource materials are available for applicants for the CMC Award. 

Presentation: CMC - What, Why & How.