CMC-Global Project Self-Declaration Checklist information brochure

Posted on 11/12/2020
ISO 20700 checklist brochure


Blockchain Hype & Myth Webinar

Posted on 11/9/2020
This webinar describes the technology & separates hype from reality, looking at some innovative apps


IMC EA Workforce Management Webinar

Posted on 10/1/2020
Brochure for this webinar


Webinar Recording - EBSCO - research at hand

Posted on 7/16/2020
Recording of the webinar on how to make best use of this member benefit


Victorian Government's Business Support Fund now open

Posted on 5/7/2020
Communique from Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, Victoria


IMC National - Webinar - Change Leadership - Showing the Way 30-Apr-20

Posted on 4/30/2020
The 3R's of Resilience for Today's World


IMC Innovation in Consulting New Ways - Webinar Recording

Posted on 4/14/2020
Dr Craig Peacock and John Downes deliver a number of exciting new strategies and tools.


Developing an Agile Supply Chain in the COVID 19 Context. 2 April 2020 - Webinar Presentation

Posted on 4/2/2020
Webinar Presentation for AiGroup by Michael McLean


IMC Webinar - How to Profit From and Protect Digital Assets

Posted on 4/1/2020
Noric Dilanchian shares know-how on profiting from and protecting digital assets.


Diploma of Consultancy 10172NAT

Posted on 2/1/2020
Brochure on qualification and sample Diploma