Find a Consultant Directory
  • The Find a Consultant Directory is an opt-in listing of the Institute of Management Consultants Professional Grade members and their profiles,
  • All members listed are current financial members of the Institute,
  • The listing only shows Australian based members,
  • Members of the Institute are bound by the Institute's Code of Ethics,
Terms and Conditions of Directory Use
  1. The Find a Consultant Directory is provided as a service to Organisations wishing to engage the services of a Management Consultant,
  2. The Institute of Management Consultants is not responsible for the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information supplied,
  3. The data is proprietary to our members and may not be copied for mass communication purposes,
How do you use the Directory?
  • There are two search mechanisms provided: Basic and Advanced,
  • The Basic Search allows you to search for Management Consultants by a combination of criteria:
    • Consultant's name
    • Consultant's company name
    • State & / or Postcode
    • Regions the Consultant operates in
    • Their Industry Knowledge Groups (using ANZSIC Divisions)
    • Their general Service Areas offered
    • The search can be further qualified by their current Certifications and Standards: are they a Certified Management Consultant? Are they trained in the ISO 20700:2017 Standard to use the Self Declaration Checklist? Do they self declare their practices comply with the ISO 20700:2017 Standard as a user of the Self Declaration Checklist?
  • The Advanced Search allows you to focus your search further. In addition to the criteria searchable in the Basic Search you can search by:
    • Specifc Services offered, and
    • Their specific Industry Knowledge Sub Groups (using ANZSIC Sub Divisions)
How Do You Engage a Management Consultant

If you're looking for some pointers, read this article on Engaging a Consultant