Annual Consultants Forum: Sydney 2012

Sixty three Management Consultants participated in the Annual IMC Consultants Forum on Saturday 17th November 2012, hosted by the NSW & ACT Chapter Committee at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

The event was a resounding success.  It provided a great opportunity for relevant Professional Development and also for the sharing of ideas and experiences with colleagues from around Australia (see photos of participants).  Topics were all related to the theme of the IMC Australia publication: “Management Consulting – An Introduction to the Methodologies, Tools and Techniques of the Profession”.

The program content and design were ambitious, with more than a dozen presenters in a compact day with tight time management courtesy of John Groarke (President of NSW & ACT Chapter).  Because of great organisation and preparation by the organizing committee, all presenters were able to shine without any hint of rushing through their material.  Sessions were informative, engaging, active, amusing and challenging.  The Macquarie Park venue (which was also used for our Federal Council Meeting and the IMC Annual General Meeting) was excellent.

AGM 2012

IMC Australia congratulates the organizing committee for their outstanding achievement in providing such a worthwhile and memorable event for our members. Committee Members also acted as links between presentations on the day. The committee consisted of John Groarke, John Walker, Trevor Lindars, John Howard, Sam Durland and John Cairns.
IMC Australia also wishes to thank the presenters who participated in a selection process and so generously provided their time and skills to make the event such a success. Topics and presenters were as follows:

  • The seven keys to develop and maintain best client relationships, including more productive meetings – Yvonne Collier
  • Crowdsourcing management consulting talent – Laurence Lock Lee
  • Communications for complex ideas: making abstract concepts interesting to media, policy makers and intelligent lay audiences – Leonie Phillips & Parnell Palme McGuinness
  • Solving the mystery of performance – Lisa Rubinstein
  • Why we put our fees at risk every time and you should too – Luke Dutton
  • Stump the strategist – Ashton Bishop, Jeffrey Cooper & Adam Long
  • Bridging the implementation gap – Alan Schwartz of AGS Consulting
  • Diagnostic consulting: a revenue generator for the practice – Linda Kerkmann for Keith Phillips
  • Referrers are as rare as hen’s teeth – Nathan Williams
  • Negotiating your way out of a consulting jam – personal reflections – Michael Hudson

Please note that next year’s Annual Forum will be held at the Mantra Resort, Surfers Paradise on 19th October 2013, hosted by the Queensland Chapter. This will be a great opportunity to combine professional matters with some re-energizing and reflection. Look out for further details and early bird offers in the New Year.

Forum attendees can download papers here.